Do you need toys for sex? What kind of toys do you want to use? Male and female desirable vibrator sex toys.

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Do you need toys for sex?

Do you need toys for sex?

Yes, This is very much bitter truth that if we want to change the society and we want 0 % rape cases, sexual harassment in India as well as in any country, then we should start using sex toys with sex. This will give us more pleasure and satisfaction also. In This article we are talking about need of sex toys but on first step we have know the history of sex toys and what doctors says about sex toys. How sex toys came into society. After knowing all these facts then men and women can decided on self assessment that they should need of sex n pleasure toys or not. Should using sex toys during sex. It can be used for masturbation instead of sex and a sex toy that fulfills his desire can also be used to control such crime. Easy beginners toy is cheap and can be purchased.

The society is changing rapidly. This is the period of sexual revolution. No one is shy about talking about sex. Girls and boys openly talk about sex. From porn movies to sex toys. Today, students from almost school to college have access to porn. Girl students too. It is easily accessible to the internet. At the conference held in Jaipur of sexologist congress, doctors emphasized the need to change the perception of sex ties. They say that there is a general perception about sex ties that sex toys are the product of frustrated mentality that will lead society in the wrong direction.

These perceptions also prohibit the sale of sex toys in India and other countries as well in South Africa, but these sex toys can also be used in reducing sexual offenses, the need is only to change the perception. According to Dr Raj Brahmabhatta, a sexologist from Mumbai, the desire for sex is the natural nature of humans. Due to this suppression frustrates, which culminate in sexual offenses. He said that talking about your sex desire is not considered as good conduct in society.

In such a case for which the natural desire is not easily accessible, they are frustrated. He said that the actual number of such people can be shocking. Generally frustration is seen in people who are involved in truck drivers or other such things, who stay away from home and female partners for long periods of time. Sex toys are not less than a therapy for them. If the stress caused by non-physical satisfaction is disturbed, then their attitude towards other women and children of society changes. Dr Brahmbhatt said that centuries ago, sex ties have been used in India and the remains found in Khajuraho have confirmed it.

The world's oldest Dildo found 28 thousand years old. It was found in Germany. Dildos used in ancient Greece and Egypt From raw bananas to dry dung of camel, it was used as dildo. Apart from this, stones, leather or wood dildos were also used. Dildo word is 1400 AD. Latin word dilator means widening. The Italian word dileto means happiness. Dildos out of these About 100 years later, the Italian Renaissance period started making tips for sexual pleasure. In the 1880s, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville of England first patented the Electromechanical Vibrator.

In the 20th century, companies were making vibrators for personal use. They would also have ads with magazines like kitchen accessories. Their critics used to say that such women would not need men.

Even before the 1920s, Dildo or Vibrator was used to cure pneumonia. After 1920, when Dildos was used only for sexual pleasure, then all changed. Now reader has to decide that they need sex toys.

If you are tired of the current sex you should use

If you are tired of the current sex you should use

Sex toys are tools or tools which increase sexual pleasure and are often shaped by human reproductive organs which can be vibration or non-vibrating. They are not used solely for their enjoyment of sexual pleasure, but they can also be helped to make sex with their partner more fun. The basis of "success" in relationships is an active sex life, which shows a positive effect on your health even charismally.

You want to use it? Do you want me to use it? A toy divided by S or M

You want to use it? Do you want me to use it? A toy divided by S or M

As we talk about Male and female. Both can use sex toys for satisfaction level. Sex toys can help male and female to come near and closer. It is worthful. Check that the substance of sex toy is hypo allergic and it is very important to keep your sex toy clean to avoid any infection, especially if you share it with your partner.

The hesitation that is felt in the beginning of the use of sex toy will soon turn into a happy grin of your face. So celebrate your partner for this and enjoy the ride. Various studies have repeatedly proved that such couples having good sexual relationships have not only lived for more than twelve years but have also seen a decade younger than their actual age.

The hormones and chemicals released in your body by doing exercises make it work like an aphrodisiac. Exciting sex life or active sexual health is compulsory for both men and women, and sex toys can also provide you with practical enjoyment to maintain your sexual fitness. Sex toy can be used as an intermediate activity (foreplay) and means to enhance the pleasure for both partners during sexual intercourse. Research has shown that during sex, very few women get extreme bliss as they have little or no excitement in the efficacy of clitoris. In such a way, using vibrating sax toy can be helpful.

For a long time, sex meant the satisfaction of men. If women are not satisfied with this, then they are called sick; Then they are treated. Apart from marriage, the water stream was also a way to treat.

Discontent in women, which was called mania, became a disease that was spreading everywhere. The help of doctors or nurses will be taken for its treatment. And touching hands was not much preferred then medical equipment used to be used. Rich women got more chance to get treatment for their mania. Doctors soon realized that there should be a tool for this.