Do you use toys when you have sex? Difference between India and other countries .Sex toys in India

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Sex toys in India, ratio of use and way of thinking.

Sex toys in India, ratio of use and way of thinking.

In India sex toy market is growing up like anything. And everyone in the world uses sex with sex toy for pleasure so sex toys are also called pleasure toy, for better sex. Despite of ban on sex toys it’s an estimate the annual market sale of sex toys in India is from 1200 to 1300 cores. In Indian market survey is eye opener to whole world. Now these days there no taboo for sex. Every third person is warmly welcome the changes in society especially about Sex, Sex Education and about Sex Toys. So many websites globally are knocking the Indian door. For those who have experience only sex without toy it will be an epoch-making experience Sex Toys have a wide variety of toys from beginners to advanced people, and are loved from all over the world.

On the other hand, those who operate these sites selling sex products say that if we find that any of our products is illegal under Indian law then we will not sell it. However, they also say that unless we feel that our product is not spread in obscenity or has not been projected in such a way that it is obscene, there is no harm in selling them. The situation of the taboo about sex among people of India is gradually changing and people's thinking is changing.

People are not even avoiding buying sex toys as they talk openly and women are included in this list. At present, online portals are selling sex toys with havoc, which are being used by people living in metro cities as well as small town people. Online sex toys order women are not hiding herself behind curtain in India 40% female is frequently ordering sex toys. Because everyone wants to improve sex quality.

According to media reports sale of sex toys in the country is illegal under Section 292 (1) of the IPC. For the first time, the punishment for 2 years is proved when conviction, while after conviction, there is a provision of punishment for 5 years. Despite this, Palika Bazaar in Delhi and Crawford Market in Mumbai are notorious for illegal sale of sex toys and the police continue to resort to haphazard action. Due to lack of clearance on this issue, the matter finally comes to the point of use of any product.

Sex toy circumstances in the world

Sex toy circumstances in the world

In a modern society, the natural needs of human beings have not remained untouched by technology. Physical pleasure is no longer limited to partners. Humans have also searched for these options and this option is 'Sex Toys'.

The trend of 'Sex Toys' is increasing rapidly among people in the liberal countries. According to a report, 'Sex Toys' business has reached 15 billion dollars globally. The business of these toy-makers, who are giving imaginary sex pleasure to humans, is increasing by 30% every year. Talking about the production of 'Sex Toys', you will be surprised to know that 70 percent of the 'Sex Toys' supplied in the global market is manufactured in China.

America is the largest consumer of these fictional toys. Here, 'sex toys' are easily available on almost every major commercial outlet. At the same time, the case of India and South Africa is a bit different. They are being used in the world to steal and hide. In Nepal also two sex toys shop registered and they are doing well.

In this shop, approximately 150 products are sold from fragrant condoms to large size dolls. Most of these goods are imported from China.Not only this, the earnings from the shop are also quite attractive. Praveen Dhakal the owner of that shop told that he is selling about three to four lakh rupees every month in Kathmandu's shop alone.Dhakal says that we were worried that our shop should not be opposed But it is pleasure nothing like happened. ""

sex related products such as gel, capsules, spray etc. were available on the chemist's shop, but in recent times many online websites have become famous, which are selling some 'special' items besides these products. Some battery-operated devices, vibrators and latex dolls are being sold along with the products, which come in the category of sex toys almost or completely. Since no valid definition of sex toys has been fabricated, online retailers are selling them as cosmetic products or health products. When information on the legal status of these products was sought on helpline numbers on these sites, it was reported that they are not sex toys but health or cosmetic products.

Things like Muster batter, Vibrator, Latex Dolls, Inhalers, Edible Undergarments, and Penis Balloons are being sold openly on these sites. These companies are ready to deliver these products to your home in very secret or discrete packing. Some of these products are international, with all the customs and tax deductions attached to them, sending them home through international couriers. Apart from this, if they are having trouble getting the receipt at home, the customer can also gets them from the pick-up point after booking them.

Is it bad to use sex toys?

Is it bad to use sex toys?

Regardless of the conditions related to these toys, doctors declare them to be completely justified and beneficial to health. Here we want to coat the version of Famous Indian sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari says that it is better to use them than to get acquainted with an unknown person in today's world. He says that many people are not able to reach the organism during sex.

These toys are very beneficial in such a situation. Dr. Kothari says that such things are used all over the world. As far as ethical is right or wrong, the use of them is not wrong in any way. Unethical, it will be that if you feel the need for sex, you should have unprotected sex with someone else of your regular partner.

Their use of sexually transmitted diseases and population is in no way wrong. According to the doctor, there is an age when libido gets out of control. In such a situation, instead of taking risk of infection and unwanted pregnancy, it is a better option to relax in alternate ways. Doctors say that many people are not able to reach the organism during sex. These toys are very beneficial in such a situation.